About Hannah


About Hannah


Heya gorgeous lady.

Yes, I’m talking to you. Not some other woman behind you. Gorgeous you.

Cringe as you read that? Starting to think this isn’t for you? Feeling pretty low and shit and desperate and upset and heartbroken and tired and exhausted and not really that gorgeous at all, actually?

If so, I know you, lovely.

I'm Hannah, and I remember what it was like to be on the floor, crying, too weak and upset and shocked and lonely to even stand up.

My third boyfriend in five years had left me – just walked out the door without looking back (literally) ‒ and 18 months of my life just disappeared into thin air.

I almost felt my heart crack.

I had tried so hard to keep him there. To reason with him. To make him realise he loved me as much as I loved him.

But it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough. And wasn’t that a bitter pill to take?

The same thing happened with my ex before that. And before. And the one after that, too.

For different reasons, my relationships all broke down, and I was left, time and time again, wondering what the hell happened and what the hell went wrong. Swirling and drowning in the memories that used to be happy and now felt like taunts. A joke.

And all this, after years of online dating too!

Lacklustre dinners. Crap coffees. Boring burger bars. Endlessly mind-numbing, sorta-kinda-not-really nights with no true connections. Going home to my empty, cold bed. Feeling like no-one would EVER get me or accept me or understand.

One “no spark” text (if I was lucky) away from giving it all up, throwing my phone against the wall, and becoming a crazy recluse. Hey, maybe becoming a doolally dog lady and resigning myself to being weird and alone forever wouldn’t be all so bad.

But really. How could I – an otherwise confident, independent, feminist and intelligent woman with a normal family and all the help in the world ‒  find myself in this damn position? Again?

How could I be so dumb? So weak? So naïve? So easy to reject?

And now – the million trillion dollar question – how in the holy hell was I going to get myself off the floor and put one foot in front of the other to get back my life?

So I know what you’re saying when you tell me: I don’t feel gorgeous. I’m not fabulous. I’m broken. I’m sad. I’m alone. I feel desperate and shit and low and annoyed and pissed off.

And what’s more, I feel impossibly frustrated at myself that I even feel like this at all.

Because, I also know this.


You want more. You crave and desire and DREAM of it. Freedom. Love. Creativity. Joy.

You know that your place in the world is NOT on the kitchen or bathroom floor, staring at where they used to be, crying over someone who doesn’t give enough of a shit to stay.

You know that your life – your real one, the one you truly desire - does not revolve around looking at doorways, wondering if your ex will ever deign to walk back into your world (or if you even want them to).

You KNOW that you are worth so much more than crying in the office instead of doing any actual sodding work, or sobbing to a friend AGAIN, or pretending you’re fine to everyone else, or letting the tears roll silently on the bus so as not to scare the person sitting next to you (yep, been there).

You KNOW beyond KNOWING that you are NOT the kind of person to hand over that solid gold fuck-off RULE THE WORLD power that secretly lives inside you, over to someone else.

Oh hell, no.

But right now, you’re low. You’re broken. You’re hiding. You’re sad.

And YET. You know that within you, a tiger roars.

You KNOW you have more to offer – to dream, to feel, to give, to love, to experience, to desire, than this. You’re creative and passionate and sensitive and loving and JOYFUL and whole.

You know you want it.

But you don’t know how.

Because you’ve been hurt – perhaps more than you ever thought possible – and some days it feels like all you can do to just get out of bed.

I know – I was that person. Over and over and over again. And then, one day. I realised.

I had done it. I had got myself not only off the floor, but I had thrived. I had stopped crying on buses and starting smiling on them instead (yeah, I’m now THAT crazy happy girl laughing into her book in the corner).

I stopped looking around for the next date to fulfil me, and started working on myself instead.

I got better at home workouts, and discovered the freaking awesome healing power of yoga. I found meditation, and stopped letting my stupid ruminating thoughts control my days. I painted. I sang in a choir. I took guitar lessons. I sat on beaches in Thailand and climbed towers in Malaysia and Googled jobs in Singapore.

My heart still hurt, sometimes, but in the meantime, I decided that I wanted to feel good instead of shit, and I set about actually getting there. MYSELF.

No bullshit. No pretence. No jumping straight in to another relationship within figuring myself out first.

I had done it. I had hit relationship rock bottom, and suddenly, I was free.

FREE! I knew what I wanted and I was building the freaking bridge to get there.

And, right when I didn’t care much either way – I was too busy being awesome! – a wonderful man came along, who was good enough to step up to my new, personal kick-ass plate. I was ready.

I had got up off the floor, started to value the fuck out of myself instead of hate myself, and honour the true, powerful sunshine woman in me.

The one who wanted to lie on beaches and do yoga in Bali and live a life on her terms, filled with joy and purpose and honesty and desire and ambition and passion and love and FREEDOM.

And now I’m ready to help you do the same.

So tell me, gorgeous.

How would it feel to get up off that floor? To step into that power you KNOW you have, somewhere inside?
To no longer feel controlled by the memories and pain and nightmares and the endless, maddening flashbacks and thoughts and ‘what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’ and ‘maybes’ that swirl round and round in your head?

How would it feel to shed that heavy weight of your past relationships, your humilating and boring and time-consuming and upsetting dating history, and no longer feel lonely, but feel ALIVE?

To truly step into your power, and wake up every day not feeling broken and sad or lonely and angry and confused, but focused, and aligned to what YOU truly want?

Tell me.

How would it feel to be FREE? To step out of the darkness of your own personal kitchen floor rock bottom, and walk – run, skip – into the deep and glorious sunshine of your own fuck-off awesome life?

Because that’s what I do now.

I’ve taken all those years of hurt and pain and heartbreak and creativity and love and desire and passion and recovery and freedom and JOY, and stuffed it into my 12-week signature Sunshine coaching course, so that you can get off your own floor, and get the life you dream of.

I’m a UK certified coach with the UK Association for Coaching, and my course is entirely built around enabling YOU to get the awesome life you know is truly yours.

Yoga, meditation, self-love, bulletproof mindset, passion, space to grow, to thrive, to talk – to truly be yourself, away from all the shit and the pain and the dark? A new life full of joy and love and....who the fuck knows?

A fulfilling job. Your dream house. A passport full of stamps and memories. The strong, healthy body you've always wanted. A grounding spiritual practice. A new brilliant hobby. A deep love of life.

Maybe even a new relationship that’s everything the other ones were not?

That’s what I want for you, gorgeous. And that’s what my coaching does.

Want to know more? Want to grab that fantastic life that’s waiting for just beyond the dark?

I freaking bet you do.

Find out more about my 12, 4 or 2 week coaching packages here, and let’s talk.

Drop me an email or...

I believe in you.

Let’s talk.

This? This is SO not over.

Sending sunshine gorgeous lady (see? I told you you were gorgeous).

Hannah xxx

Yep, you're in safe hands!

If you're thinking, who am I to coach you? Well, apart from the real-life experience above...

I am a certified coach with the MOE Foundation, which is certified by the Association for Coaching in the UK.

(That's my certificate over there ---->)

This means I have nationally-recognised coaching skills, and am bound by the Association's code of ethics.

When you sign up with me, we both sign a contract, including a guarantee of services and ethics.

I also have an MA in Journalism from City University London, and a MA from Cambridge University, so I care about getting proper qualifications for the stuff I do.

I am not a therapist or a psychologist, and if I feel you would be better working with one of those, I will be the first to tell you!

I am a coach, which means I help you help yourself. You have everything you need already inside you, and I truly, passionately believe that. I am just qualified to ask you the right questions to get your own genius out!

Let's do this, gorgeous lady! xx


What People Say

"I was quite nervous before our call, but Hannah's friendly manner put me at ease straight away. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to help shone through. Discussing relationship history can be quite difficult, but I found Hannah really easy to talk to. Thank you!"

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HELEN 27, Newcastle

"Hannah is so lit up. She is so excited, passionate and happy in her work, and it shows."

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ALICE 32, Ealing

"Hannah offers raw honesty, and I'm full of admiration for her."

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