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All You Awesome Millennial Women: This Is Why You’re Still Single

This blogpost originally appeared on the Huffington Post Fed up of being single or having shit dates? Already dreading Christmas dinner this year when all your relatives will ask, head to one side sympathetically or grimacing, “So…er…how’s your love life?” Yeah, I know the feeling. I suffered four horrendous breakups, endless numbers of dates and […]

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Always Apologising For What You Want? Read This

Quick question: Ever felt like you had to apologise for what you want? Ever felt like your desires just weren’t ‘cool enough’ or ‘big enough’ (or ‘too big’), or that you should feel ‘lucky for what you already have’, and it’s greedy or not OK or selfish or ridiculous to want more? I have. I […]

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5 Ways, 5 Minutes: How To Get Benefits From Meditation

This blogpost was originally published on The Huffington Post If you’re anything like me, one of your most-uttered phrases is, “WTF did the time go?!” They say that those of us who are always running late or on deadline are more creative and optimistic than our punctual friends. And, yep, I’d be happy to simply […]

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Here’s Why Going To The Gym Will Help Your Love Life

Oh hey! Hope you’re feeling OK today (here’s a hug either way!)? I’m writing this on a Tuesday – sigh, aren’t Tuesdays just the worst?! – and YEP! I’m dropping a truthbomb. A big old #TuesdayTruthbomb. (In case you don’t know what a truthbomb is, fear not – it’s just a sexy word for something […]


Tried Meditation And Think You’re Sh*t At It? Try This

Everyone and their dog meditates now, don’t ya know? What started off as an esoteric practice associated with gurus and hippies has now become so cool and commonplace that you can carry it around on your new shiny iPhone and talk about it freely on a night out. Scientific studies have proven that regular meditation […]

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Always Writing Down Your ‘Goals’? Here’s 5 Reasons To CHILL

You can’t go far in the coaching and self-help world without falling over someone telling you that you must “define your goals”. It’s one of the golden rules of getting what you want: defining your dreams on paper, repeating them over and over, and turning them into your reality. After all, the logic goes, we […]

WTF: The 8 stages of taking a quiz

The 8 stages of taking an online quiz about your love life

1. Ooh, a quiz! Fun, let’s see how this goes   2. Ffs, I am such a child   3. Wait this is kinda making me think   4. I can’t believe I’m actually taking a quiz about my love life, HAS IT REALLY COME TO THIS?!?   5. Everyone knows quizzes are shit and […]

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Unf*ck your love life #5: See love as a bonus to your awesome life

This can feel like the most annoying cliché of them all when it comes to love – yes, almost more annoying than the “it will happen when you least expect it” bullshit. But genuinely – and I say this as someone who is now (finally) in a long-term, happy and committed relationship – love is […]