Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


So what’s a Love and Self-Worth Coach anyway?

Glad you asked ;). My mission is to help women like you - creative, sensitive, thoughtful, ambitious, brilliant women - to "unf*ck their love life".

This means helping you get over any lingering heartbreak or baggage from previous relationships and dating disasters, and help you create and follow a step-by-step roadmap and action plan, so you can get you back out there in the dating field, feeling confident, happy, successful and bursting with self-belief and ambition, totally ready to grab the awesome life you want and deserve. The sky's the limit! 

And how are you going to do that?

Through one-to-one coaching sessions, yoga, mindfulness meditation, journalling, and many powerful exercises in between - based around what I call my Signature Sunshine System (S4) - I help women like you learn to love yourself so you feel awesome and confident enough to design and get a life you want - whether that’s proving to your ex what they’re missing, finding a fantastic new relationship, finally getting that dream job, quitting your 9-5 and starting their own business, or travelling the world. Whatever it is, my Signature Supercharge Sunshine System (S4) can help you, starting TODAY!  


Why are your courses based around 1-to-1 calls? Can't I just do a video course or something? 

Eventually, the plan is to provide awesome home study courses, but right now my coaching is based on 1-to-1 calls because that’s the best way I've yet found to do it.

Great coaching is based on questions, body language, intuition, and genuine conversations. Calls are not to make you feel intimidated, or become another thing on your ‘to-do’ list.

Calls build on PDF workbooks and initial questions that make you think, give you space, and help you move from confused and totally hurt and stuck, towards self-understanding and genuine breakthroughs.

The calls are based on my Signature Supercharge Sunshine System (S4), and gently but effectively guide you through the four-part system to help you move on, heal your heartbreak, learn to love and understand yourself, and set and achieve the fabulous goals for yourself, even if you maybe never imagined you could ever achieve them before.

But why do you need to ask me; can’t you just tell me what to do! If I knew the answers, I wouldn’t be here!?

Ah lovely, I totally understand! But coaching isn’t about me TELLING you what to do. I can offer advice, I can help, and you can be totally yourself, BUT, coaching is about asking the right questions. You already have all the answers and power inside you. I’m just here to help you get them out! I can help, give you my checklist, my methods, tell you what worked for me, but ultimately, you’re the one who needs to figure out this stuff in a way that works best for you.

So what’s this Signature Supercharge Sunshine System (S4) then?

It’s the four-part structure that all my courses are based on, and it’s effectively the process that I went through myself when I was first heartbroken and navigating the online dating jungle.

The full system is only truly available when you buy a course (obviously!), but it’s loosely based on:

• S - Self-Care and Immediate Self-Compassion: How to look after yourself when things feel desperate after a breakup or a dating rock bottom, remember what you truly love, and learn your way back to genuine, life-long self-compassion and unshakeable self-confidence

• E - Easing Yourself Into Habits: All about habit forming and accountability: Yoga, meditation, journalling and exercise: The power of daily mindset and physical habits - how to start them, how to stick to them, and how to truly leverage their power to prove to yourself that you’re worth showing up for, no matter what happened in your relationship/dating past.

• L - Learning To Look Back: Evaluating your situation in a compassionate and helpful way, de-mystifying what actually happened (or didn’t happen, in your relationship and/or dating history), and how we may want to avoid repeating the same issues in future. Plus a massive dose of self-knowledge and genuine self-love and self-esteem.

• F - Future goals and visualisation: The juicy, exciting, fabulous future-focused bit (spoiler, this is my favourite!) Let’s build on all the fantastic self-esteem foundation, and talk about your deepest dreams and desires. Then, we’ll use tried-and-tested Association for Coaching techniques and strategies to transform them from mere dreams and visualisations, to actual concrete realities coming true in front of your very eyes - whether that’s getting your ex back, finding a fabulous new relationship, finally quitting your 9-5 or bagging that dream job, starting that freedom-focused business, or travelling the world. Whatever it is, my system will help.

Why is your brand called Your Sunshine Life?

When I think about the life I truly desire, and truly desire for my clients, it feels like stepping from the shade into glorious, warming sunshine. Everything is warm, happy, bright and joyful...think hot summer days full of passion and happiness, and lazy, sexy, gorgeous summer nights - and the beautiful light that floods the world when the sun shines.

It’s literal sunshine, and metaphorical sunshine from within. I feel happy, creative, positive, passionate and grateful when the sun shines, and I passionately, genuinely believe in helping clients feel that way too.


How do I know if coaching will actually help me?

Only you can decide.

But if any of what I’ve said on this page resonates, and you’re still reading this far, I’d say you’re almost certainly interested, and in some way able to envisage the fantastic woman that you could be if (and when?) we work together!

Relationships can be tricky, and if you book a call with me and I realise that coaching is now quite right for you, I’ll be the absolute first person to say that you might need to consider another route first - say, therapy or counselling.

But coaching is all about dreaming big and setting yourself audacious goals, with a massive dose of love and accountability thrown in! People often go for therapy and counselling if they want to focus on their past, but coaching is all about finding the joy in the future!

But isn't 'love and relationship' coaching only for total dating disasters, abusive relationships, or for divorcing couples? I don't know if I'm 'bad enough' to need it tbh...

There’s a lot of stigma and embarrassment around coaching, especially relationship and self-worth coaching.

We always think that we should be naturally good at relationships and dating, and that if we find it difficult or we’ve had years of heartbreak and dating frustration, then there must be something fundamentally wrong with us.

BUT - answer me this!

If you wanted to lose weight, you’d hire a personal trainer, buy a diet book, or join a gym or get a fitness DVD, right?

If you wanted to get a promotion at work, you’d look into extra responsibilities or training, so you’d be ready, right?

If you wanted to learn a new skill - such as photography, say - you’d take a class or read a book or do a course with someone who’s great at photography, right?

When you wanted to get qualified, you went to college or university, right?

You didn’t just expect to be able to spontaneously lose weight, get promoted, learn a new thing perfectly or get your degree without a little help or advice, right?

So if you want to heal your heart, and learn one of the most important skills in your life that you will ever learn - how to truly love and respect yourself - so you can go out and truly live the life of your dreams with self-compassion and joy, so you can truly squeeze the absolute most joy out of the rest of the time you have left on this beautiful planet….why not hire a coach who specialises in exactly that? (Full disclosure...that’s me!)

If anything, you're proving you're LESS of a failure because you're ready to step up to make a success of your love life this time around!

Sounds great, but how much is all this going to cost me?

No messing about here - my 12-week, Signature Supercharge Sunshine course will cost you £1,997, depending on any offers, discounts or sales going on that month (I often have them, so ask me when we talk, drop me an email, contact me here, or keep your eye out!)

However, I do offer the option of a deposit plus a payment plan, depending on what you can pay and what feels comfortable for you. We’ll work this out person-to-person on a call, so always feel free to ask me.

I also have a shorter, four-week plan, which goes for £697.

See more on my plans here.  

If you’re not ready to invest right now, there are tons of free videos and blogposts and resources on my website and in my Facebook page and group, and on my YouTube channel so feel free to check those out while you’re considering if this is right for you. 


That seems like a lot, to be honest. I can’t afford it.  

It isn’t a small amount of money, no. No shit. It takes courage to look at a price like that, and say, yep, fuck it, I’m all in.

But as I said before, if you wanted to get better at something such as photography, you wouldn’t expect to become an expert if you didn’t take any time to take a class or learn from someone experienced.  

How much have you paid in holidays that made you feel better for a short while, but ultimately didn't do much when you got back to your desk on the Monday?

How much have you spent on going out, trying to make yourself feel better, and feeling worse in the long run?

But let’s be real here: this isn’t just about the skills and freedom and self-love that you’ll learn. And it isn't actually about the money, either. 

It’s about actually stepping up and truly investing in yourself - truly seeing yourself as worth it. Literally.

Ask yourself, honestly, how much are you -  YOUR LIFE, YOUR DREAMS, YOUR PASSIONS, what really makes YOU YOU - worth? I’m willing to say a hell of a lot more than that price tag up there. 

And I get it, investing in yourself is a bloody difficult thing, especially for women, and especially if you can’t remember the last time you felt good about yourself, or dared to dream that your life and love could be any different from how it is now.

What’s the point, you’ll say, who knows if this will work anyway?

How do I know it won’t just be money down the drain and I’ll be back at square one - actually, less than square one, because I’ll be broke, too? And how humiliating would it be to be the bloody fool who parts with her hard-earned cash, only to fail spectacularly, over again?

And yeah, a lot of what I say you could probably find out online, if you Googled it enough, right? (But how much time and effort and willpower will that take to do that alone?).

I know what it’s like, gorgeous lady - I’ve been there, too.

I WAS you, not long ago.

Shit scared. Afraid to step into my own power and joy. Hurt. Fed up. Jaded. Making myself ill with the to-ing and fro-ing and indecision and pain and fear and feeling totally and utterly stuck.

But how much will you spend on clothes, shoes, makeup, little gifts, food, drink, dates, online dating, holidays, treatments and all the rest of that jazz, only to find yourself back where you are now, slightly more suntanned or tipsy perhaps, but feeling ultimately no better or wiser or more in love with the heart of who you are, and back at square one all over again?

I know that the moment I decided to stop selling myself short, and made the choice to stop watching the life - and the freedom, the love, and the happiness - I wanted pass me by, and actually made the decision to invest in my first business coach, was the moment that everything changed.

Totally and utterly transformed, in fact.

My first business coach course that I bought was a big amount of money for me, and I had to put it on my credit card just to afford it. I wasn’t earning big bucks (I was a journalist; we’re not known for our big salaries unless we’re Jeremy Paxman, or something.)

That was the first time I’d spent that amount on myself in a long time, and I won’t lie - I was shitting myself.

I’m not saying you should open a new credit card or put yourself in financial straits. Only you can truly put your hand on your heart and know what you can and can’t afford.

But for me, I dithered. For months, I wondered, and I messed about, and I carried on spending other money on things that weren’t actually addressing the core of the problem, and I got deeper and deeper away from what I knew I truly wanted.

And then, one, glorious, exasperated, otherwise-totally normal but wonderful day, I looked at my bank account and I fucking made that choice.

As soon as I pressed the ‘Pay’ button, an incredible and massive weight lifted. I cannot tell you how delicious it felt (and not a bit scary and exhilarating) to make the commitment to myself, put my money where my mouth was, and take a gigantic step forward towards the life and love and freedom and business and self-confidence and joy that I have today.

I said yes to myself. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Will you do the same for yourself? It only takes one choice.

Set up a free call today and let’s talk about how. Today.

Got a question not answered in these FAQs? No problem!

Drop me an email at, ping me on Instagram or Twitter, or fill in the Contact Form below, and I'll reply asap.


London, UK

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Yep, you're in safe hands!

If you're thinking, who am I to coach you? Well, apart from the real-life experience above...

I am a certified coach with the MOE Foundation, which is certified by the Association for Coaching in the UK.

(That's my certificate over there ---->)

This means I have nationally-recognised coaching skills, and am bound by the Association's code of ethics.

When you sign up with me, we both sign a contract, including a guarantee of services and ethics.

I also have an MA in Journalism from City University London, and a MA from Cambridge University, so I care about getting proper qualifications for the stuff I do.

I am not a therapist or a psychologist, and if I feel you would be better working with one of those, I will be the first to tell you!

I am a coach, which means I help you help yourself. You have everything you need already inside you, and I truly, passionately believe that. I am just qualified to ask you the right questions to get your own genius out!

Let's do this, gorgeous lady! xx


What My Clients Say

"I was quite nervous before our call, but Hannah's friendly manner put me at ease straight away. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to help shone through. Discussing relationship history can be quite difficult, but I found Hannah really easy to talk to. Thank you!"

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HELEN 27, Newcastle

"Hannah is so lit up. She is so excited, passionate and happy in her work, and it shows."

testimonials-woman 2
ALICE 32, Ealing

"Hannah offers raw honesty, and I'm full of admiration for her."

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"Hannah is such a vibrant and kind person you can’t help but find yourself opening up to her when you’re stressed and have an issue you want to work out. She’s a great listener and empathetic, yet no-nonsense in her advice. I would definitely recommend turning to Hannah when you’re feeling low."




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