Here’s Why Going To The Gym Will Help Your Love Life

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Oh hey!

Hope you’re feeling OK today (here’s a hug either way!)?

I’m writing this on a Tuesday – sigh, aren’t Tuesdays just the worst?! – and YEP! I’m dropping a truthbomb. A big old #TuesdayTruthbomb.

(In case you don’t know what a truthbomb is, fear not – it’s just a sexy word for something that’s true and relevant, but might make for slightly uncomfortable reading. Bear with me!)

Today I did a Live video on my Facebook Page explaining why creating a regular workout or fitness routine is absolutely KEY to getting the love and life you deserve.

Yeah, I know you probably hate me right now. But bear with me, I promise there’s a point to it.

Watch it now, it won’t take long.

I went Live talking about fitness, yes. But not because I’m a fitness coach. Not because I give a shit about whether you can do 10 pushups or one pushup. Nope.

But because I am living proof that creating a fitness routine is a quickfire way to force you out of your comfort zone, and from there, you start creating a life where you get what you want.

Don’t feel like working out? Truthbomb: Fucking do it anyway. When you’re mentally high-fiving yourself for bothering afterwards, it’ll feel SO worth it.

And I don’t mean because it will make you “look better” or “get sexier”. That’s not what this is about (although if that floats your boat, then go for it).

I started a workout routine years ago, because I wanted to lose weight and get healthier, like most people. I was shit at it, at first. Compared to some people, I still am.

I’m not a particularly sporty person, and I used to hate getting sweaty.

If I didn’t have to work out to stay healthy or look good, I probably wouldn’t do it, let’s be totally honest. (Me and my tomato face, right there —>)

But when I started my routine to improve my physical fitness all those years ago – just starting with a home DVD six days’ a week – I never imagined how much it would improve my mental fitness too.

And not just because of all those “endorphins” you read about.

Over the years, I’ve come to realise that showing up for my workout – even when it’s the last fucking thing I want to do on the planet – proves that I can commit to difficult things and show up for myself, and proves to *others* that I’m worth showing up for too.

Proves that I can do things that push me. Proves that I am worth committing to and that I am powerful and resilient enough to do things that – in the short-term at least – feel really tough.

This is not to say that you should always do things you don’t want to do (in fact, I would actually say the opposite).

BUT – it is proof that committing to a fitness routine (even if only 25 minutes a day) – such as a 25 minute HIIT routine, or weights session, power yoga poses or a dance class with a friend down the gym – is worth so much more than how many calories you might burn.

Today, why not try to commit to that goal? Even if in the short-term, you really can’t think of anything worse?

I promise, proving to yourself that you can do it, even when you REALLY don’t want to, proves to you that you are worth it. Worth respect, worth showing up for, capable of doing difficult things.

And when you do that? You show others that you’re worth respect and showing up for too.

So that when you walk into that room, go on that date, go to that job interview, meet that guy…you trust yourself to get what you want, speak up for yourself, feel awesome, and be treated the way you deserve.

Which is, after all, why I do what I do: helping Milliennial women to cut through the BS of bad dating, crap relationships and shitty self-esteem, and go out there and get the life and love they want.

Wanna know more? Watch my video on this on my Facebook Page now, and/or send me a message if you’ve got any questions.

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Huge love,

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