Are you ready to Love Yourself, Actually, and get the love of your dreams by Christmas?

No pissing about, no more time wasting, no more shit dates or watching the year go down the drain, feeling no happier and no better than you felt at the beginning of it?

Well, tell me, did you ever see the movie Love, Actually? You know, the Richard Curtis film all about the run up to Christmas?

There’s that scene in it where Emma Thompson is in her bedroom.

She’s crying silently, over being treated like shit by her partner.

In that moment, she doesn’t know how to respond, so she cries in the bedroom, stuffs the emotion down for the sake of everyone else - as women so often do - and just gets on with it.

Later, we find out that she thinks her “life might always be a little bit worse”.

Do YOU know what that feels like? To be crying over a partner?

To not know how to react to this latest pain, so you stuff your feelings down, or suffocate them with alcohol or food or unhappiness, so you don’t have to actually figure out what your relationship or dating history actually means, and why it makes you feel like so much shit on a shoe?

Yeah, I do. And I bet you do, too.

Not to rain all over your Christmas parade - and BELIEVE ME, I FREAKING LOVE CHRISTMAS - but seriously. I’ve been there.

Buuuut now, I know how to get out of it and fix it, and a few big tweaks in my mindset and behaviour were all it took for me to stop making the same mistakes. The same mistakes with my self-esteem, with my love life, and in my relationships.

Now, my self-esteem and self-love, productivity, confidence, success and happiness has never been greater, and I also have a brilliant, sexy, equal, and seriously-supportive long-term relationship.

That’s not to piss you off with my smugness. It’s because now, as a certified love and self-worth coach, I’m here to HELP YOU GET THE EXACT SAME THING.

Because, if you know what that Emma Thompson scene feels like, in your HEART - even if you’re in your 20s and 30s and never been married or had kids or any of that shit - and you have NO IDEA how to go about changing it, then HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU!

Introducing the brand new, brand-spanking, the best Christmas present you could ever give yourself - my Love Yourself, Actually course!

Love yourself, actually

It drops this week - and we begin exactly four weeks before Christmas (that’s the week beginning Monday 27th November, for anyone not yet counting sleeps, heh!).  

Despite everyone’s massive rush to December 25th, KNOW THIS: THE YEAR IS NOT OVER YET.

I KNOW we can make gigantic inroads in boosting your self-esteem and getting you MASSIVELY closer to finding the man/woman of your dreams - all by the time you sit down to Christmas dinner.

This course is for you, if:

  • You don’t want to spend another Christmas or New Year without the gorgeous and supportive partner you deserve
  • You're dreading another Christmas with your family asking about your love life
  • You're sick of bad dates - or no dates at all - and just want to cut through the BS and meet someone brilliant who's right for you
  • You're exhausted from and totally over rubbish relationships and shit dates, and starting to give up hope that there's anyone good out there for you
  • - You're sick of never feeling good enough, and feeling like shit underneath it all

And, if...

  • You want to meet an awesome partner who will be your equal, and love you for exactly who you are. No games, no BS
  • You know there's a brilliant, confident woman inside you, but you're going mad trying to figure out how to let her out
  • You're ready to finally stop hiding, feeling small and not-good-enough, and you finally want to start fucking LIVING and loving who you are
  • You want to end the year knowing you've made a massive step towards valuing yourself for who you are, and getting the partner you’ve always dreamed of (no, seriously!)
  • You want to feel super fucking confident, not awkward, when your family asks you about your love life round the dinner table this Christmas
  • You prefer to talk about your love life privately, 1-to-1, rather than all over social media
  • You see £397 as a seriously good investment to learn how to get a lifetime of love and awesome self-esteem

This course is not for you, if:

  • You're not ready to open up about, or work on, your self-esteem, with me or anyone else
  • You're not prepared to set aside a couple of hours a week, from here until Christmas, to work on your self-worth and love life
  • You're totally happy with your love life exactly the way it is
  • You love yourself exactly as you are and you don't want or need to change
  • You're not ready to invest £397 to get targeted, life-changing support for yourself or your love life
Love yourself, actually

Course Features

  • 4 weeks - from the week of 27 November to the week of Christmas Eve (!!!!)
  • 4 hour-long personalised coaching calls via Skype/Zoom/Facebook Call/Phone, plus 1-hour consultation call before we begin, so I can figure out exactly where you're at and what you need to get the most out of the course
  • Personalised, bespoke programme and exercises designed exactly for your needs
  • Personalised fillable workbooks designed and delivered to you ahead of our calls, so you can work through the exercises and issues before our calls, to allow you to get the most out of the content
  • Regular email and Facebook Messenger access to me, with answers within 24 hours to any questions, issues, breakthroughs or problems you might have with the course or putting it into practice

We start in just one week, so we can get everything done by Christmas! As I say, THE YEAR IS NOT OVER YET!

Bonuses - WORTH OVER £600!

The first FIVE people to sign up will also get, OVER AND ABOVE the coaching, for free!

****Two spots already gone! Just three remain!****

  • Christmas gift package sent to you personally by snail mail just before Christmas, with handpicked little goodies designed to remind you just how fucking awesome you are, and to help you carry on the work we do together into the New Year and beyond

    WORTH £47!

present image
  • 90-minute in-depth interview video training on how to truly value yourself as a human being, with Faye Hurley, incredible self-worth coach at Worthy Woman

    WORTH £200!

screenshot of me and Faye
  • Access to my Unf*ck Your Love Life VIP Private Facebook Group, a small and select group of women who are going through exactly the same journey as you, with extra Live trainings and support from me and from the women in the Group

    WORTH £400!

facebook group screenshot

Nice Things Other Clients Have Said About My Coaching

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A Taster Of What It's Like To Work With Me (My Usual Style of Video!)

Still Got More Questions? No Problem...

Who is this programme for?

I work with single, Millennial women who are usually pretty successful in their career and every other aspect of their life, but are totally fed up of feeling like shit about themselves and meeting idiots, commitment-phobes and timewasters, and want to massively boost their self-esteem and - as a huge bonus! - FINALLY meet a man or woman who loves them for exactly who they are, and who is totally worth their time.

What is the Love Yourself, Actually course?

Love Yourself, Actually is a 1-to-1, bespoke love and life coaching course that takes place over Zoom/Skype/Facebook Call/phone.

Over four coaching calls - plus one consultation at the beginning so I can figure out exactly what your situation is and what you need - I will design a private coaching programme entirely focused on helping you push past whatever is stopping you from getting the super-high self-esteem, self-love, and love life that you desire and deserve.

I will prepare personalised workbooks for you ahead of every single call, so you can go through some of the key issues ahead of time, and then when you jump on our calls, we can discuss them, and I can coach you personally through any questions, issues or blocks, without any wasted time.

What sort of thing will we actually cover?

Depending on your needs, we might cover self-esteem issues, the root of why you don't feel good enough, body image issues, sex and intimacy fears, figuring out what you want and don't want, having the confidence to take up space and speak up for yourself, having the belief that the partner you want is out there, how to find great dates with people worth your time, and/or how to date and begin relationships with confidence, so you feel awesome not awkward, and feeling true to yourself at all times.

What will I get out of it by the end?

At the end of the course, you will have a much better sense of your own power and genuine self-worth, have started to overturn YEARS of self-loathing and feeling unlovable, and have a toolkit of self-esteem exercises to turn to in future low-confidence moments.

You will also know exactly how to put these skills into tangible practice, by dating with confidence and knowledge, and finding a fantastic partner who is truly worth your time, and who loves you for YOU. (After all, that's why I did myself using these exact techniques!)

How much time do I need to dedicate to the programme?

You will need to block out at least one hour a week to spend time on your coaching call with me, and at least 30-60 minutes ahead of each call to work through the exercises in the worksheets. There will also be one hour call before we start properly, so I can figure out what you really need.

All in all, it will take a minimum of 90 minutes per week, rising to more if you wish. Which isn't much for a totally transformational set of exercises and calls and lifelong self-esteem and love life habits!

If I buy today, do I have to get started right this second?

No. We start next week (week beginning Monday 27 November), and you are free to book your consultation call and first coaching call after that at your leisure.

I'll send you an online link to my calendar so you can choose when works best for you (including appointments some weekends and evenings so you can work and keep other commitments as much as possible). You'll need to book in for your subsequent calls every week, but not right this second!

How do you make sure that the worksheets and calls are effective?

I am a certified coach, using tried-and-tested techniques that really work to help you get out of your own way and figure out who you are, what you want, and what's stopping you from getting everything you deserve.

My exercises are based on a mixture of psychology, mindfulness, self-inquiry, self-compassion, simple journalling techniques - and my own brand of ZERO BS! - to really help you find what works for you and get personal, meaningful breakthroughs.

The structure with the workbooks first, followed by 1-on-1 calls, is especially designed to give you space and structure to work through the issues at hand, and allow you time to consider your own thoughts and blocks BEFORE we speak, so that when you get on the call, you know exactly what you want to focus on, and there is no wasted time.

Each worksheet will build on the work and call of the previous week, so you are continually learning and using each week to strengthen and consolidate your previous breakthroughs, so you establish a sense of your own success and emerge with confidence by the end of the programme.

How long will it take me to feel awesome and find love?

Of course, this is a bit like asking 'how long is a piece of string'? It really depends on you, and how much you want to address these issues, and also how much you want to change. It also depends on how deep your issues go, and how many times you'll need to think about the exercises we work through before they really begin to make sense and shift.

If you're anything like my previous and existing clients, you could get instant breakthroughs when you do the exercises and on our calls, or it may take a little longer for it to sink in. Both are fine, and totally right for you!

My responsibility as a certified coach is to hold space for you to talk about the issues that are important to you, and to guide you through the coaching process using the tried-and-tested coaching techniques used by professional coaches worldwide, so you have the freedom to figure the issues out in your own time and way.

Will I definitely get a partner out of this?

I obviously can't promise that Prince or Princess Charming will walk through the door as soon as you begin - and if any coach DOES promise you that, they're lying or magic! - but I CAN guarantee that if you apply yourself to the exercises, you will gain a greater sense of self-knowledge, greater understanding of your issues, needs, and motivations, and will also make huge steps forward in confidence and knowledge in dating and finding love.

In my personal experience, that is usually enough to turn a history of shitty self-esteem and disastrous dating into massively-increased inner wellbeing, and a successful and happy relationship, sooner or later! (After all, it worked for me, and I have total faith and belief it will work for you too. No fluff, no BS). 

But isn't love coaching only for total dating disasters, abusive relationships, or divorcing couples? 

Also, I don't know if I'm in the right headspace for this. Is this really right for *me*?

There’s a lot of stigma and embarrassment and resistance around coaching, especially love and self-worth coaching.

We always think that we should be naturally good at relationships and dating, and that if we find it difficult or we’ve had years of heartbreak and dating frustration, then there must be something fundamentally wrong with us.

BUT - answer me this!

If you wanted to lose weight, you’d hire a personal trainer, buy a diet book, join a gym or at least get a fitness DVD or phone app, right?

If you wanted to get a promotion at work, you’d look into extra responsibilities or training, so you’d be ready, right?

If you wanted to learn a new skill - such as photography, say - you’d take a class or read a book or do a course with someone who’s great at photography, wouldn't you?

When you wanted to get qualified, you went to college or university, right?

You didn’t just expect to be able to spontaneously lose weight, get promoted, learn a new thing perfectly or get your degree without a little help or advice, did ya?

So if you want to heal your heart, figure out your self-esteem and love life, and learn one of the most important skills in your life that you will ever learn - how to truly love and respect yourself - so you can go out and truly get the love and life of your dreams….why not hire a coach who specialises in exactly that? (Full disclosure...that’s me!)

If anything, you're proving you're a success, rather than a failure because you're ready to step up, take control, and do the work to make a proper success of your love life.

It's too much money though. I can't afford it.

It isn’t a small amount of money, no. No shit. It takes courage to look at a price like that, and say, fuck it, I’m all in.

But as I said before, if you wanted to get better at something such as photography, you wouldn’t expect to become any good if you didn’t take any time to take a class or learn from someone experienced.

How much have you paid in holidays that made you feel better for a short while, but ultimately didn't do much when you got back to your desk on the Monday?

How much have you spent on going out, trying to make yourself feel better, and feeling worse in the long run?

But let’s be real here: this isn’t just about the skills and freedom and self-love that you’ll learn. And it isn't actually about the money, either.

It’s about actually stepping up and truly investing in yourself - truly seeing yourself as worth it. Literally. Stopping wasting your money on all the little things and having nothing to show for it, and instead investing your money on the BIG things, and totally changing your life.

Ask yourself, honestly, how much are you - YOUR LIFE, YOUR DREAMS, YOUR PASSIONS, what really makes YOU YOU - worth? I’m willing to say a hell of a lot more than that price tag up there.

How do I know it won't just be money down the drain and I'll be back at square one, only with less money?

I get it, investing in yourself can be a bloody difficult thing, especially if you can’t remember the last time you felt good about yourself, or dared to dream that your life and love could be any different from how it is now.

What’s the point, you’ll say, who knows if this will work anyway?

And how humiliating would it be to be the bloody fool who parts with her hard-earned cash, only to fail spectacularly, over again?

I know what it’s like. Believe it or not, I’ve been there, too. I WAS you, not long ago.

Shit scared. Afraid to step into my own power and make investments in myself. Pissed off. Jaded.

Scared of wasting money and feeling like a fucking idiot.

Making myself ill with the to-ing and fro-ing and indecision and feeling like shit and totally and utterly stuck.

But how much will you spend on clothes, shoes, books, candles, makeup, little gifts, food, cocktails dates, online dating, holidays, treatments and all that jazz - or whatever else you like to spend money on?

Only to find yourself back where you are now, slightly more suntanned or tipsy perhaps, but feeling ultimately no better or wiser or more in love with the heart of who you are, and back at square one all over again?

It's not up to me to judge how you spend your money, and I'm not about shaming any woman for anything. Ever. No way.

But I DO know that the moment I decided to stop selling myself short, and made the choice to stop watching the life - and the freedom, the love, and the happiness - I wanted pass me by, and actually made the decision to invest in my first coach, was the moment that everything changed.

Totally and utterly transformed, in fact.

My first business coach course that I bought was a big amount of money for me, and I had to put it on my credit card just to afford it.

That was the first time I’d spent that amount on myself in a long time, and I won’t lie - I was shitting myself.

I’m not saying you should open a new credit card or put yourself in financial straits to buy coaching. Only you can truly put your hand on your heart and know what you can and can’t afford.

Me, I dithered. For months, I messed about, carried on spending other money on things that weren’t actually addressing the core of the problem, and I got deeper and deeper away from what I knew I truly wanted.

And then, one, glorious, exasperated, otherwise-totally normal but wonderful day, I looked at my bank account and I fucking made that choice.

As soon as I pressed the ‘Pay’ button, an incredible and massive weight lifted.

I cannot tell you how delicious it felt (and not a bit scary and exhilarating) to make the commitment to myself, put my money where my mouth was, and take a gigantic step forward towards the life and love and freedom and business and self-confidence and joy that I have today.

I said yes to myself. And the rest, as they say, is history. I've now left my 9 to 5 job (no commutes, no boss, no office politics. Sweet!), I have a wonderful long-term boyfriend, I have my own business. Life is pretty damn great.

And it all started from that one Pay button. I shit you not.

Love yourself, actually

Fear not, though, there IS a payment plan if you need it!

Instead of £397, you can pay in two installments of £198.50!

Because I believe as many women as possible should be able to get the self-esteem and love life they deserve, you can make your first payment now, and don't need to make the second payment until next month - for no extra money and no interest!

Installment Payments
Number of payments 2
Start payments
At checkout£198.50 GBP
Every 1 month (x 1)£198.50 GBP
Total £397.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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